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As the AKC Parent Club of the Chinook, The Chinook Club of America (CCA) is dedicated to the protection and preservation of the rare American breed of sled dog.

This website is the perfect place to become acquainted, further your interest, and become involved with this wonderful breed of dog. The love and dedication of Chinook fanciers has saved these dogs from extinction and is now helping them rediscover their heritage as the unequalled, all purpose working dog - a sled dog that succeeds on the trail as well as in the house as a treasured pet. Whether the Chinook is running in teams down a snowy trail, earning show titles, flying through an agility trial, hiking up a mountain, obediently and lovely staring into the eyes of its owner, or snuggling on the couch with a child, the Chinook is the ideal companion.

Please come visit often to see new photos and to read about what's happening with the Chinook dog breed.


Mission Statement

&    To protect and advance the interests and welfare of the Chinook dog breed.

&    To assist the Chinook in its progression toward American Kennel Club recognition without sacrificing the integrity, health or soundness of the breed.

&    To promote ethical breeding practices and encourage DNA-parent verification of Chinooks and their litters.

&    To encourage participation and good sportsmanship in training and exhibiting at all dog events in which the Chinook may participate.

The Chinook dog is a rare American breed of sled dog that was used in the first Byrd Antarctic Expedition in 1927. 

Created by Arthur Walden the Chinook dog was bred to be a working dog as well as a house pet. It is this ideal temperament that would save the breed from the grasp of extinction.

The Chinook dog breed, a Brief History

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