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Chinook dog Rescue

The Rescue Committee is dedicated to helping any Chinook dog or Chinook cross dog in need of a new home. Chinook dogs are in need of new homes for various reasons from a change in a family's home situation to behavioral issues. If you are interested in providing a safe and loving home for a Chinook dog or a Chinook cross dog, please fill out our Rescue Application.
There are currently no Chinooks available thorough CCA Rescue.  Please contact a Rescue Committee member for an application if you would like to be considered as a potential home for a Chinook that comes available in the future.  Donations of any size are always welcome.
We are seeking volunteers to help in different areas of the US. You may be asked to respond to inquiries, accept applications from potential adoptees, and help with transportation. You may also be asked to check into reports of possible Chinooks in shelters and homes that are in need of adoption. As a member of the Rescue Committee you will be sharing and filing new home applications and matching families to available pets. Assisting in any way is always welcome and appreciated. Please contact us if you can help!
Good Chinooks looking for good homes.  Apply here.

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